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Creating a Header or Footer

Headers and footers are important elements in documents. They aid navigation e.g. by displaying the page number and current heading.

Insert a header and footer

Simply add a header or footer to your template in Word. After you have added one, you can also format your header/footer.

Add placeholders

Using Scroll Word Exporter's placeholders, you can reference metadata and display it in the header/footer.

Display the current heading in the header

For a better navigation in your documents, it is practical to display the current heading name in the header of each page.


To add heading a level in the header, you need to first add the specific Scroll Paragraph styles for heading levels to the Word template

  1. Insert some text to your template and assign Scroll Heading 1 as style to the heading (via the Styles Pane)
  2. Double-click in your header
  3. Click Insert > Insert Field
  4. In the Categories list, select (All)
  5. In the Field names list, select StyleRef
  6. Then select Options and choose the Styles tab:
  7. In the Name list, select Scroll Heading 1 and then choose Add to Field, followed by OK.

The first Scroll Heading 1 of every page will be displayed in the header in the Word export. 

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