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Defining Table Styles

Confluence elements such as tables, macros and the Quote paragraph style are rendered as special formatted Word tables. 

You have to define specific Scroll Table styles in your Word template to export these Confluence elements in the desired appearance.

Define Table Styles 

  1. Open your Word template, click the Insert tab and choose Table
  2. Select a 2x4-Table – a table with two columns and four rows is inserted.
  3. Highlight the table, right-click any table style and click New Table Style. The screen Create New Style from Formatting is displayed.
  4. Within the name field, enter the desired Scroll Table style  e.g Scroll Table Normal
  5. You can now change the color, the borders, the font and other properties. 

    For styling text included within some Confluence macros (e.g. Scroll Panel Macro) an additional Scroll Paragraph style needs to be added to the Word template – see Overview on the Available Styles for more information.

  6. Click OK to apply your changes.
  7. Repeat steps one to six to add the additional Scroll Table styles to the template. The custom section of Word Table styles will then include the added Scroll Table styles.
  8. After this, delete the inserted table from the template before saving

You have now successfully defined Scroll Table styles. 

Repeating Table Header

In Word you can define table headers to repeat on every new page. This is required if you have large tables that span across multiple pages.

  1. Open your Word template, insert a table and highlight it
  2. Within the Table Design tab, right-click on your specific Scroll Table style (e.g. Scroll Table Normal) that you want to repeat the header and click Modify Table Style
  3. In the Modify Table Style dialogue, select the drop-down for Apply formatting to: and select Header row
  4. Following this, click the Format dropdown and select Table properties
  5. Within the Table Properties screen, click the Row tab and activate the option Repeat as header row at the top of each page checkbox.
  6. Click OK and then remove the inserted table from the Word template before saving

When exporting using a Word template with this option enabled, tables that span across multiple pages (in the defined table style) will repeat the headers on each new page.

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