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Table Text is in Times New Roman


Tables use Times New Roman as a font even though the Scroll Table Normal Style uses a different font.


This is usually because, in your Word template, the 'Scroll Table Normal' style does not define a font. So it falls back to the 'Normal Table' style, which also doesn't define a font. And then it falls back to a standard font defined in Word. 

Unfortunately when you edit the style in Word then the font box will show something like 'Calibri (Body)'. This means it will fall back to the font specified in the 'Body' style, which ultimately is / falls back to that 'Word default font' unless you specified something else explicitly.

Scroll Word Exporter uses Times New Roman in these cases because the Word programming library that we internally use, returns that font if the style contains no explicit setting for the font. And we can't distinguish this case from a case where the user actually selected Times New Roman.


Set the font to 'Calibri' (for example) in the 'Scroll Table Normal' style in your Word template.

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