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Data Included in Error Reports

If you are having general problems, you can contact our support team. For problems related to the export process itself, you can also report it directly from the product.

Report a Problem from the Export Dialogue

In case of an error during the Word export on Confluence Cloud, the report problem error notification will be displayed. The Report Problem functionality allows you to automatically report the error to our support team.

This will collect relevant support data from our systems and will create a support ticket in our support system on behalf of your users' email address (if provided via the Email address field). Once the ticket has been created you will receive an email with a link to the support ticket – this might take a few minutes.

Data included in the Problem Report

The problem report includes the following data:

  • Confluence content (pages / images) exported so far.
  • The log file created during the export containing error details.
  • General information about the export (settings you made when starting the export, timing information, etc.)

This data will be stored in the same system that executed the export. It will not be transferred into our support system. For further information regarding data security, please see our Data Security Statement.

We will not delete data associated with such support tickets by default. If you want us to delete the data please let our support team know so they can delete it after your issue has been resolved.

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