Scroll Word Exporter comes with two bundled templates that you can use straight out of the box:

  • Documentation Layout – exports in a style suited to documentation, with a title page, and a table of contents.
  • Simple Layout – exports Confluence content in as simple a format as possible, without any additional static pages.

Template features

 Styling elementDocumentation LayoutSimple Layout
Separate title page(tick)(error)
Table of contents(tick)(error)
Pagebreaks before heading 1(tick)(error)
Numbered headings(tick)(error)
Header with space name(tick)(tick)
Page number in footers(tick)


Page name in footers(tick)(error)

Use the templates as a basis for your custom templates

If you want to get a head start with making your custom template, you can download the wanted bundled template and use that as a basis for your own.