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Defining a Section Column Output

You can use the Section and Column Confluence macros on your pages to define columns.

With Scroll Word Exporter you can preserve this formatting in the export. Content in section column macros will be exported as table if the option Keep multi-column page layouts in the export settings is activated. You can apply own styling for the output of those tables then.

Define Section Column output

The content in a Confluence Section macro is handled as a table when exported to Word file format. Therefore, you have to define a table style in your Word template to export the macro in the desired appearance:

  1. Open your Word template, click the Insert tab and then choose Table.
  2. Select a 2x4-Table – a table with two columns and four rows is inserted.
  3. Next, highlight the table, and within the Table Design tab, right-click any table-style and click New Table Style.
  4. Within the Create New Style from Formatting window, name the table style Scroll Section Column
  5. You can now change the color, the borders, and the font to style how the content will be exported  
  6. Click OK to apply your changes and then delete the inserted table in your template 
  7. Save your template.

You have now successfully defined the output of content in section and columns. 

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