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Defining caption styles

Thomas Rough

Thomas Rough Last update: Feb 28, 2019

You can define how captions are styled for exported figures and tables. 


When using the Scroll Title macro to define captions in Confluence, you need to first add the Scroll Caption Paragraph style to the Word template

Style figure captions

To replace the default Figure caption style with a customized figure caption style:

  1. Insert a picture to the Word template (click the Insert tab > Picture > Upload method > select a picture > Insert)
  2. Right-click on the picture and click Insert Caption
    Please note, the label used for a figure depends on the language of the MS Word installation that was used to create the template (e.g. English version = Figure, German version = Abbildung).
  3. Once confirmed, select the position of your label in the Position drop-down.
  4. After this, define your numbering for the caption by selecting the Format option
  5. Once the positioning and numbering preferences have been confirmed, click OK and the caption will be inserted.
  6. Next, highlight the caption and select Styles Pane in the upper right corner:
  7. The Styles section is then displayed. Select the dropdown menu for the Caption style and click Modify Style


    When using the Scroll Title macro to define captions in Confluence, you need to select Modify Style for the Scroll Caption Paragraph style in the Word template

  8. Within the Modify Style screen, you can now change the font, fontsize, color and other properties for the caption
  9. Once all preferences for the style have been selected, click OK to save your changes. The caption will reflect the assigned style.
  10. Finish the process by deleting the picture and caption and then save your template

Style table captions

To replace the default Table caption text with a customized table caption style, please follow these steps:

  1. Insert a Table into the Word template (click the Insert tab > Table)
  2. Choose a 2x2-Table  a table with two columns and two rows is inserted
  3. Highlight the table, right-click it and click Insert Caption
  4. Repeat steps three to eight as outlined for styling figure caption, for formatting the table caption
  5. Delete the table and related caption and save your template.

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