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Get started

Thomas Rough

Thomas Rough Last update: Oct 18, 2018

We're happy that you've decided to get started with Scroll Word Exporter. In a few simple steps, this guide demonstrates how to perform your first export.

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  1. Once Scroll Word Exporter is installed on Confluence, navigate to a page you want to export to Word.
  2. In the page actions Click Tools > Export to Word:
  3. Scroll Word Exporter comes with 2 bundled templates that you can use straight out of the box. Use the Documentation Template, and export This page and its children:
  4. When the export is complete, the Word file will download automatically: 

Next steps

Congratulations – you've exported your first Word document from Confluence!

Now, you can learn the basic steps required to use the full functionality of Scroll Word Exporter.

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