For the most part, Scroll Word Exporter has the same functionality in cloud and server. However, there are some differences.

Available macros 

Scroll Pagetitle Makes Scroll overwrite the page title on export. On Cloud you can instead go to the Page tools dropdown and select "Set Scroll Page Title", you can read more about this here. (tick)(error)

Please note that the Scroll Footnote macro will appear for Confluence server but remains compatible only with Scroll Docbook Exporter. You can read more about this here.

Export options 

Output section macros as table

Select this check box, if you want to output your content in section macros in a table.

Only published versionSelect this check box, if you want to export only pages that have been published with the Ad hoc Workflows plugin.
(info) This option is only active, if workflows are activated for this space.




The state of the export root page taken from Comala Workflows. Possible values: 'DRAFT', 'PUBLISHED' or null (if there are no Comala Workflows in this space). (tick)(error)


The global logo of the Confluence system.(tick)(error)


The global logo of the Confluence system.(tick)(error)


This placeholder can be used to access metadata defined on the root page of your export. This placeholder depends on the Confluence Metadata Plugin as a prerequisite. (tick)(error)


The group of the current space.(tick)(error)
$scroll.versions.*Refers to any of our Scroll content management placeholders. These are available with Scroll Versions or Scroll Translations apps.(tick)(error)

Export via REST API 

Export to Word via REST API(tick)(error)