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Nils Bier

Nils Bier Last update: Oct 18, 2018

This page gives an overview of the terms and expressions used in Scroll Word Exporter.

Term Definition

Confluence admin

The user responsible for the management and administration of your Confluence system. They set the other user groups and permissions and can install apps.
Default templates The templates bundled with Scroll Word Exporter, that you can use for exporting straight out of the box.
Export scope The scope of the Confluence pages included in the exported file: Can either be a single page, or a page and all its children.
Macros Confluence macros that you can add to Confluence pages to modify the export behavior.
Placeholders You can reference metadata using placeholders in your templates.
REST API A software architecture style for web applications. Using the REST API, you can for example automate your exports.
Scroll Exporter Extensions

A free Confluence app that contains the Scroll Exporter-specific macros.If you're using Scroll Word Exporter for Confluence Server, the Scroll Exporter Extensions are automatically bundled, and get installed automatically.

Styles The text, table, and list styles defined in your Word template.
Template A Microsoft Word template which can be used to export Confluence content to Word files.
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