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Unlink paired issues

By unlinking paired issues, the synchronization information will be removed between two issues. This can be helpful when, for example, you accidentally synced the issues or because you moved an issue to a different project. 

Backbone will unlink the issues in two ways:

  • Unlink from Database: this will delete the synchronization information that is stored between the two issues.
  • Unlink from Panel: this will delete the information that is displayed in the sync info panel.  

How to unlink paired issues

You can find the menu entry for unlinking paired issues in the menu (•••) in the top right corner when you are viewing a single synchronization. If it's disabled, make sure that your synchronization is stopped. 

  1. Choose from which project you want to select issues. 

  2. Add a JQL statement to select the issues you want to unlink. You can verify your query and/or run it in Jira search to check which issues are selected. When clicking "Next", the query will be checked on the correctness.
  3. Read the summary carefully and if everything is correct, click on 'Unlink issues'. The process to unlink paired issues will start.
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