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Synchronize with approval-based configuration

This use case describes how you can set up a synchronization where updates to the configuration need to be approved. This can be helpful when you want:

  • To avoid a project manager making unwanted/unnoticed changes to the configuration which might result in unwanted issue(data) being synced

  • To keep both parties informed on any changes made to the configuration

Configuration guide

In this guide, we will configure synchronization with approval. This guide assumes the other project already exists.

  1. Create a new synchronization with the review mode between both projects

  2. In the notifications, set up a receiver on both sides for “Draft actions”

  3. Configure Issue Type Mappings and Field Mappings

  4. Publish the draft with a message to your partner

  5. Wait for a notification that your partner accepted the configuration.

Congratulations! The basic configuration is now complete. You can now add Attachment, Comment or Workflow Mappings if desired.

Good to know

  • Backbone must be installed and licensed on both sides.

  • This option is only available when you sync between two different instances

  • More information about the review mode (syncing with approval) can be found in this article

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