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From Beta to Beyond: Introducing Scroll Content Quality GA with Transition To Paid Model

As we journey from the Beta phase of Scroll Content Quality for Confluence towards its General Availability (GA), we're also transitioning from a free model to a paid one. This step marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering a tool that not only meets, but exceeds the content quality management needs of teams using Confluence.

What's New in GA

The GA launch of Scroll Content Quality is set to introduce an array of new features and improvements:

  • Revamped User Experience: We're rolling out a new WYSIWYG UI that simplifies the configuration of quality rules, making it more intuitive than ever.

  • Rule-Sets: The ability to logically bundle rules for different use cases will enhance the flexibility and applicability of Scroll Content Quality across your content.

  • Enhanced Reporting: With improved reporting capabilities, you'll gain deeper insights into your content's quality and compliance with your defined standards.

  • And More: We're packing Scroll Content Quality with several other features to help you enforce terminology, maintain formatting, and control macro usage more effectively.

Why We're Transitioning

The decision to transition Scroll Content Quality to a paid model as we enter GA stems from our belief that great tools require investment to grow. The move will support further development, introduce enhanced features, and ensure we maintain the high-quality service you've come to expect from K15t. This includes significant investments in cloud security, like participation in the Bug Bounty program, and adherence to the reliability, security, and support requirements of the Cloud Fortified Apps program.

Timeline and Preparation

The transition to a paid model will coincide with the GA launch of Scroll Content Quality at the end of April 2024. We encourage you to reach out with any questions or feedback as we approach this exciting new chapter.

Your support has been instrumental in shaping Scroll Content Quality, and we're eager to continue this journey with you, enhancing and refining the tool to meet your evolving content quality needs in Confluence.

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