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Text Replacement


Check for specific words and recommend an alternative that should be used instead.

Configuration options:

Enable exact word match

Check this option to replace only exact word matches. For example, "read" will be replaced, but not "reading" or "reader".

If unchecked, this will also look for the word in slightly different forms. For example, it will find words that are in the possessive form (for example, "user" will find "user's") and will replace unicode umlauts by their ASCII variant (for example "bjork" will find "bjŏrk").

Defaults to: Enabled

Enable case-sensitive match

Check this option to match the case of the text exactly. For example, “Apple” will not match “apple” or “APPLE”.

Target element(s)

Which elements on the page should this capitalization be applied to?

  • Headings: All headings on a page, regardless of the heading level. To only use this for certain heading levels, use one or multiple of:

    • Heading 1

    • Heading 2

    • Heading 3

    • Heading 4

    • Heading 5

    • Heading 6

  • Paragraph: All normal paragraphs on the page.

  • Hyperlinks: All hyperlinks on the page, both external and internal links.

  • Quotes: All "Quote" paragraphs on the page

  • Tables: Any text within a table on the page.

  • Table Header: Only header text of tables on the page.

  • Table Body: Only body text of headers on the page.

  • Page Title:

  • Any: Any text, anywhere on the page, including all of the elements listed above.

It is possible to select multiple values for this setting using the picker. Click the “x” next to a value to remove it from the list.

Defaults to: Any

Replace terms

List of search terms and a suggested replacement (optional). Add each term as a separate entry and leave the replacement field empty if the suggestion should be to remove the term.

For longer lists of terms and replacements, consider using the YAML editor directly via {Advanced Mode}. Here you can paste the whole list at the same time, as long as it’s formatted correctly (see below).

Advanced Mode Example

Use more inclusive language

# Enforce inclusive text standards by replacing problematic words and phrases
# Selection based on:

rule: text-replacement
level: major
disabled: false
ignoreCase: false
exactMatch: true
  - any
  he: they
  she: they
  mankind: humanity
  whitelist: allowlist
  blacklist: blocklist
  master: primary
  slave: secondary
  dummy: placeholder
description: Use inclusive language
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