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How Do I Convert a Space to a Scroll Document?

Do you have a space with content that you want to start manage as a Scroll Document?

Converting a space to a document is especially helpful if you already have a Scroll Viewport site set up with a space as a content source and want to unlock additional content control options with Scroll Documents.

Enable Scroll Documents on your space home page

To begin, find the space you want to convert in your site's Content source table.

  1. Click the space name to navigate to the home page of your space 

  2. Open the Document toolbox located at the top of the page between the watch and share icon.

  3. Click Enable Scroll Documents.

All of the pages in your space are now part of a single Scroll Document.

The document will have the same name as the title of your space home page.

You can change the name of your document from Edit document details in the Document Manager. There, you can also change the cover image and document summary. All of this information is used on the content source page and portal page of your Viewport site.

Pages that are located above the space root page in the hierarchy are not part of your newly created Scroll Document.

Note that for all the versions you save for your newly created document Scroll Documents will create page trees outside of your visible space page tree.

To access the version page trees, use the links provided in Scroll Documents' version list.

Scroll Viewport users can now go to the single site overview screen and select the newly created Scroll Document as a content source. Learn more.

Checklist for Viewport users: Replacing a Confluence space with a Scroll Document

  • Before adding your document to your live site, we recommend that you remove the space that you converted from as it now duplicates your document's content. Learn how to remove a content source.

  • If you decide to remove your space, make sure you replace any links that point to your removed content sources or that you have previously shared with others.

  • If your Scroll Document uses include page macros that point to pages outside of the document, the content will only render if you add the space or Scroll Document of that original page as a content source to your site. We recommend that you apply the exclude label to exclude the inclusions content visibly from the site and avoid duplicate content.

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