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Create and Delete Translations

Learn how to create or delete a translation for a document version. 

Translations are created as separate page trees with a language and version prefix and are always associated with a version. Once translations are created, they can be switched to using the picker in the Document toolbox or the Language Navigation Macro.

Translations can only be created for any of the languages defined for a document, so make sure those are set up beforehand.


Before you can add or delete a translation you need to fulfill the following prerequisites: 

How to Add a New Translation

Step 1: Navigate to the Document Manager

In order to navigate to the Document Manager you can either:

  1. Click Scroll Documents from the Apps section in your space sidebar.

  2. From the Document Library, click the document card of a document.


  1. From a page in a document, click Document toolbox.

  2. Click on the cog icon.

Step 2: Add a translation to a version

It is recommended that you add translations only to your saved versions. Hence, before adding a translation, we recommend first saving a version of the Working version and then add a translation to the newly saved version.

To add a translation to a version, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Document manager, locate the version you would like to translate.

  2. Locate your newly saved version and click Add translation.

  3. Select which language you would like to translate your content into and press Save, this will add the new translation to your selected version.

As mentioned above, unless you aren’t actively using the versioning feature, we recommend to only add translations to saved versions and keep the Working version in the authoring language only. This makes it easier to separate the authoring and translating process for a smoother work flow

Options available in the New translation dialog

During the creation of a new translation, you have access to the following options:

  • Basic:

    • Language: Select the language into which you would like to translate the version

    • Restrictions: Apply restriction to the entire translation page tree. Selecting this option adds an extra step to the dialog.

    • Reuse translated content from version X: Pre-fill your new translation with the translated content from the previous version. If checked, you’ll be able to select which translation pages are still up to date.

  • Advanced:

    • Prefix: Customize the prefix associated with the selected language

    • Resolve include page macros: Replace include page macros with the content they are including

How to Delete a Translation

If you want to delete a translation, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Document manager, locate the translation you would like to delete.

  2. From More page tree actions (•••) menu > select Delete.

  3. In the Delete translation dialog, check if the selected language and version matches the translation you would like to delete

  4. (Optional) select Delete Page Tree if you want to delete the actual Confluence page tree. Not selecting this option will delete only the translation metadata; the page tree will remain in the space but will no longer be considered part of the document.

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