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Manage Translations

Translations for Scroll Documents is an extension app which adds language management and translation support to Scroll Documents.

To be more specific, Translations for Scroll Documents enables you to localize your content and deliver your document in any of the languages it has been translated into. This is useful if you’re documenting a product or service that is targeted towards a global audience.

Did you know?

You can try out a limited set of the Translations features in Scroll Documents without having to install the extension app. This gives you the advantage of trying out the basic features of the extension without committing to the 30 day trial. To learn more, see: How Do Extension Apps Work?

What are Translations?

A translation in Scroll Documents is an additional page tree that is associated with a document version and a language. Once you have defined the authoring and additional languages for your document, you can create a translation of any document version for which the authoring language is going to serve as a basis.

Why Manage Translations?

When creating translations for your document in order to localize it, the page trees are separate, but still part of the same version and document. Each page of a translation remains connected to the corresponding page in the authoring language. Compared to managing different languages in separate documents, this simplifies the management in several ways:

  • It’s easier to switch between different languages of the same page using the picker in the Document toolbox.

  • It’s easier to keep your translations up to date using the label-based translation status.

Before You Begin

To unlock the full potential of translation management, you’ll need to purchase and install the extension app Translations for Scroll Documents. Try it free on the Marketplace →

Next Steps

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