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Can I Publish Content within Confluence Using Scroll Documents?

Scroll Documents currently doesn't support publishing of document versions as new Confluence spaces. Nevertheless, we are dedicated to implementing this feature in the future.

To follow the progress of the publishing feature we recommend watching this Jira issue: DOCS-10

In the meantime, you have other options for publishing your content. Let's explore them:

  • Scroll Viewport: Ideal for presenting content to external audiences, enabling you to present your content as a personalized help center.

  • Separate spaces: A good option when your audience is within Confluence, as it lets your team members collaborate privately without revealing unfinished work to others.

  • Export: Enables you to share, archive, or print the content offline, providing flexibility and convenience for various use cases.

Scroll Viewport

You can use Scroll Viewport to create a branded help center that anyone can access. By combining Scroll Documents and its extension apps with Scroll Viewport, you can publish different versions, variants, and/ or languages of your documentation. Users can easily switch between these versions, variants, or languages using a dedicated picker.

(plus) Advantages:

  • Dedicated authoring space.

  • Readers cannot access the Confluence view.

  • Choose which versions, variants, or languages to make public.

  • Customization and branding options.

  • Make content available for readers outside your confluence system, while still have full control via authenticated access.

(warning) Limitations:

For more information about this setup see: Publish to Scroll Viewport

Separate Spaces

You can author and manage your documentation in one space, and once a upcoming version is ready, save a new version and copy over the version as a separate document in a read-only space. The readers can then consume the content through the Document Reader.

(plus) Advantages:

  • Dedicated authoring space.

  • Control access to the read-only space.

  • Prevent readers from accessing unfinished content.

(warning) Limitations:

  • Each version is published as a separate document in the target space, preventing you from republishing the content without creating a new document every time

  • Some dynamic Confluence macros may not be supported in the Document Reader.

To learn more about this approach see: Copy to a different space

Export Formats

You have the option to export specific versions, variants and/or languages of your content in formats like PDF or Word using the Scroll Exporter apps.

(plus) Advantages:

(warning) Limitations:

  • Not all Confluence macros are supported in the exports.

Read this article for more information about this setup: Export to PDF or Word

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