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How can I use Scroll Document Context Keys in my Export?


How can I use Scroll Document Context Keys in my Scroll HTML Exporter exports?


When exporting your documents to HTML, Scroll HTML Exporter will preserve the context keys which have been assigned to your Confluence page(s), enabling you to generate stable links to your articles that can be used for context-sensitive help links in your product.

The way it works is that when you export a page that has a context key assigned to it (via the Scroll Documents feature), then it will generate a second HTML file with the contextKey name that will redirect to the actual HTML file.

This means that if you have a context key named “html-documentation” assigned to a Confluence page in your Scroll Document and you export that, then there will also be a file named “html-documentation.html" in the export. This means that when a user views this specific HTML file they will get redirected to the actual HTML page.

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