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Scroll ImageMap Examples

Create Interactive Images in Confluence

Scroll ImageMap for Confluence transforms any static images within your Confluence instance into interactive, information-rich elements. Whether you're documenting complex workflows, organizational charts, geographical maps, or technical diagrams, Scroll ImageMap adds an interactive layer that enhances the user experience by making images clickable and informative.

See For Yourself ⤵

Below, you'll find examples that showcase the versatility of Scroll ImageMap. Explore the examples by clicking on clickable hotspots, or hovering over tooltips to see more information.

Images created with Scroll ImageMap will be fully interactive within your Confluence space. Want to publish image maps to a help center, just like the one you’re viewing? With Scroll Viewport you can publish your documentation as a beautiful help center. Learn more →

Try It Free for 30 Days

Are you ready to improve visual communication on your Confluence pages? Get started with creating your own image maps today. Try the app free for 30 days on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Try it free →

Scroll ImageMaps retain full interactivity when exported to PDF documents using Scroll PDF Exporter. Transform your Confluence pages into polished PDF documents. Get started →

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