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Installing Scroll PDF Exporter is easy. In the Scroll PDF Exporter Atlassian Marketplace listing, click Buy it now (or Try it free if you want a 30-day trial version). Once the purchase process is completed, the app will install automatically. 

Scroll PDF Exporter is displayed under Manage apps. For further licensing and purchasing information, please visit our FAQ.

Evaluating Scroll PDF Exporter

If you want to try Scroll PDF Exporter before purchasing, you can obtain an evaluation license key through the Atlassian Marketplace. If you need more time for evaluation, you can extend your trial period.

Domains used by Scroll PDF Exporter

If your organization limits network access to a set of allowed domains, for example via firewall or DNS settings, you may need to allow the follow domains in your related settings. Our app supports data residency so depending on where your app content is hosted will determine which domains your organization needs to allow:

Domains (US region)

Domains (DE region)
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