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Scroll Exporter App Roadmap for Data Residency Support

We have completed our data residency support work for the Scroll Exporter apps for Confluence Cloud. This page tracks the steps on K15t’s side for achieving data residency compliance and contains detailed information on how the individual phases of the rollout could have affected end users in their app usage.

Most of these changes were not noticeable to end users, but this page also outlines potential changes that may require action on your (the customer’s) side.

The changes were rolled out in multiple phases. For further context please also see Atlassian’s cloud roadmap for data residency support for apps.

Affected Apps

Phase 1: Changes to the exporter app domains COMPLETED

We will change the domain names used by our exporter apps.

Scheduled rollout: 13 Mar 2023 - 15 Mar 2023  

During this time window, your Confluence Cloud instance will automatically switch to the new domains and we do not expect this change to impact any end users. The current domains will continue to be working until of the second phase, for which we will send another announcement at a later time (see below).

If your organization limits network access to a set of allowed domains, for example via firewall or DNS settings, you may need to adapt these settings. We recommend to change your settings to allow both old and new domains until the end of the second phase.

Old Domains Used by Our Apps

App Domains



Scroll PDF Exporter

Scroll Word Exporter

Scroll HTML Exporter

Scroll WordPress Publisher


Scroll Exporter Extensions

New Domains Used by Our Apps

Initially all customers will need to use the domains from the US region. Once data residency support has been completed, each site can move the exporter apps to another region.


Domains (US region)

Domains (DE region)

Scroll PDF Exporter

Scroll Word Exporter

Scroll HTML Exporter

Scroll WordPress Publisher



Scroll Exporter Extensions

Phase 2: Internal infrastructure changes COMPLETED

We will make some internal changes to our server infrastructure.

Scheduled rollout:

  • 05 Apr 2023 22:00pm - 24:00pm CEST

  • 05 Apr 2023 04:00pm - 06:00pm EDT

  • 05 Apr 2023 01:00pm - 03:00pm PDT

During this phase there will be a short maintenance window involving major restrictions on app functionality:

  • You will not be able to perform exports. Export requests made via the REST API will be blocked.

  • You will not be able to edit export templates & API tokens.

  • You may continue to view, edit and insert macros provided by the Scroll Exporter Extensions app.

We expect this maintenance window to take 1-2 hours and will schedule it at a time of low app usage. The maintenance window will be announced at least two weeks in advance via email and inside the app.

After the completion of this phase the old domain names will no longer be working.

Phase 3: Release of Data Residency Support COMPLETED

We have replicated our app’s infrastructure in a German AWS region. This will not affect end users as long as you do not move the exporter apps to the new region in your site. When switching, make sure your network can access the domains used by the German region (see Phase 1 above).

Please be aware that Data Residency for Connect apps is currently only available for an Atlassian early access customer group. However, Atlassian is planning to open the beta for all clients in June '23. Starting from that time, all Exporter users will be able to take advantage of this highly anticipated feature.

Effective from May 16th, the following Confluence Cloud apps are able to support data residency for new users:

  • Scroll PDF Exporter

  • Scroll Word Exporter

  • Scroll HTML Exporter

  • Scroll WordPress Publisher

  • Scroll Exporter Extensions

Content such as exports, templates, and pages can be exclusively stored within the US or Germany for new users.

For existing users, the option to migrate your content to a different region requires Atlassian to open the Data Residency beta for all customers.

More Information

Data residency for Marketplace apps is currently in beta and only available to a select set of customers. Learn more about the steps required to migrate app data from the Atlassian documentation.

Please check out the following FAQ sections for the respective Scroll Exporter apps to learn more about Data Residency:

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