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Scroll Roles

In addition to Confluence space permissions, Scroll Translations introduces a permissions feature called Scroll Roles. With Scroll Roles you can apply additional permission control over Scroll Translations specific features.

We mainly recommend using Scroll Roles if one of the following conditions applies to your case:

Scroll Roles in Translated Spaces

When Scroll Translations is enabled in the space, you'll have access to the Translator and Doc-Admin roles. Scroll Roles can be found via Space tools > Scroll add-ons > Roles.

If you use Scroll Versions in the same space, you'll also have the possibility to assign the roles Author and Reviewer. 


A user assigned the role as Translator has permissions to: 

  • Edit pages in the default language.
  • Translate content in the target languages. 
  • View the translation status of pages in the Translations report.

 If you translate content externally, you need space admin or Doc-Admin permissions. 


A user assigned the role as Doc-Admin can:

  • Activate Scroll Translations in the space.
  • Add target languages.
  • Delete target languages.
  • Export and import translation zips.
  • Assign Scroll Roles.

Only Doc-Admins can access the Languages management. Hence, its only the Doc-admins who can add and delete languages, as well as import and export translation files.

Authors and Reviewers

When Scroll Versions is used in the space you can also assign the Author and Reviewer roles. If a user is assigned as Author or Reviewer, they can perform the following actions: 

  • Author: Edit a page in the default language and access the Translations report. 
  • Reviewer: Browse between languages and review content that has been submitted for review in a workflow.

If you assign one role you need to assign all, when all roles aren't assigned the permissions in the space won't work as expected.

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