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Compare Versioned Content

You can compare versions of specific pages, space versions, and even multiple spaces. This gives a clear overview of which content has been added, changed, or removed. Scroll Versions uses the same pattern as Confluence to track changes.

Compare Page Versions

To compare versions of a single page, from the page you want to compare versions of, click the Versions Dropdown, select Versions Overview, and pick the versions to compare.

Compare Page Versions

Compare Space Versions

To compare versions of an entire space, open the Scroll Versions Menu, select Compare Versions, and pick the versions to compare.

Compare Spaces

To compare multiple spaces, open the Scroll Versions Menu, select Compare Spaces, and pick the spaces to compare.

When you publish versions from the same space, Scroll Versions uses the Scroll Page ID on the specific pages to compare them.

When you compare spaces that aren't related to each other (master and published spaces), the report lists pages with the same titles as added in one space and removed in another. Vote and watch on the improvement to recognize pages from unrelated spaces by title: VSN-4213

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