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Change the Version of a Page

It is possible to subsequently make changes on the versions of single pages:

  • Delete Page Version – Delete a specific version of a page.

  • Convert to Unversioned – Convert a page to an unversioned page.

  • Reschedule – Reschedule a version of a page to another version. This might be useful if you have a page that contains information about a feature which was rescheduled to another version. This feature uses the changes made to a page in a specific version to overwrite a previous version, turning the source page into a fallback in the process.

It is also possible to compare multiple versions of the page. To learn more about comparing versions, see Compare Versioned Content .

Before you begin: To change a page version, you must log in with Doc-Admin permissions.

Delete a Version

In order to delete a version follow the steps below:

  1. Open the page whose version you want to change.

  2. Click the Versions dropdown.

  3. To delete a version of a page click Delete Page Version  and confirm the message. The selected page is deleted in the chosen version. 

 If the page only exists in one version, you have to convert the page to an unversioned page if you want to keep the content.

Conver a Page to Unversioned

To convert a versioned page to an unversioned page click on the Versions Menu  > Convert to Unversioned and confirm the message.

If the page exists in more than one version, all page versions are deleted and the page gets unversioned.

Reschedule a Page

To schedule a page version to another version:

  1. Go to the Versions Menu click Reschedule.

  2. In the version drop down select the version that will contain the changes from the selected version.

  3. Click Reschedule, the page is rescheduled to the selected version.

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