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Intro to Workflows

Workflow management is the feature used for quality assurance for the content of a given document. Multiple users can check the page's content, review any changes made, and make sure everything is correct.

Want more fine-grained workflow control?
Scroll Versions' built-in workflow engine only features 3 states, and cannot be edited. If you need to use more advanced workflows, you can also integrate advanced Comala Workflows in Scroll Versions.

Workflow management in Scroll Versions

Scroll Versions has a built-in workflow engine that tracks the state of each page and provides functionality for approvals.

You can activate Scroll Versions' built-in workflow in Space Tools > Scroll Add-ons > Settings.

A page's state can be changed by clicking the status in the byline. You can also bulk change the workflow status of all pages of a particular version.

Note that unversioned pages do not have a workflow state, and are always treated as if they were in the Complete state.

Workflow details

Workflows in Scroll Versions have three states:

  • Draft: The initial state. For in-progress pages. Once finished, a page can be submitted for review.
  • Review: The second state, in which quality assurance takes place. After review, the page can either be approved or rejected. If rejected, the page goes back to the draft state.
  • Complete: When approved, pages are set to the complete state. If a completed page requires changes, it can be restarted and reset to the draft state. 

When changes are made to a page in the complete state, the page is automatically reset to draft. If you are using Versions in combination with Scroll Translations, the page is only reset if you make changes to the page in its original language.

You can disable the 'restart on edit' feature by changing the advanced plugin property 'versions.workflow.restartonedit' to false (this is done at General Configuration > Advanced Plugin Settings).

When publishing, you can choose to only publish pages in the Complete state.


Depending on permissions and  Scroll Roles, different workflow state transitions can be performed:

From Draft, to ReviewFrom Review, to DraftFrom Review, to CompleteFrom Complete, to Draft

(tick) Yes

(tick) Yes(tick) Yes(tick) Yes

(error) No

(tick) Yes(tick) Yes(error) No

(tick) Yes

(error) No(error) No(tick) Yes

Overview on status of all pages

In the Workflow Report available in the Scroll Versions Menu, you can get an overview of the workflow of all pages in a specific version.

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