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Publish to a Document

With Scroll Exporters you can export your versioned Confluence content to different file formats.

 The benefit with publishing to a document, is that you can make documentation available to your readers who can't access your Confluence space. Handle your teams documentation authoring and content management with Scroll Versions. When the documentation is good to go, publish it to a customized document using one of our Scroll Exporter apps. 

Scroll Versions is not compatible with the native Confluence PDF, Word and HTML export functions. If you want to publish versioned content to a document you need to use a Scroll Exporter app. The generated export file format is dependent on which Scroll Exporter app you currently have a license for.

Publish with Customized Export Templates

With Scroll Exporters you have a chance to make your documentation personal. Customize your export templates to match your corporate style guide, or simply choose from one of the predefined export templates bundled with our Scroll Exporter apps. The possibility to style your own export templates is available within all Scroll Exporter apps. Each Exporter can export documentation to one specific file format. Depending on which Scroll Exporter app you choose, you can publish your documentation to:

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