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Publish in Confluence

Publishing in Confluence means making your versioned content available to its audience within Confluence. You can use Confluence for both authoring and delivering your documentation. Scroll Versions helps you publish documentation to the place in Confluence the audience should access it. We recommend to publish your documentation to its own public space - separating it from the authoring space. You can also publish content remotely to another Confluence platform, or to publish within the space you are authoring.

To publish your versioned content to another Confluence platform requires a license for the app Scroll Remote Publishing Endpoint.

Publishing Methods

There are three methods for publishing content with Scroll Versions. The first two are publishing to a new space or an existing space - these are the methods we recommend.

By publishing your content to another public space, you'll have an easier time managing unpublished content.

The third method, is to publish within the same space - keeping authoring and content display within the same space. Here, you separate published and unpublished content through a Public View and an Author ViewLastly, through the purchase of Scroll Remote Publishing Endpoint, you gain the ability to publish to new and existing spaces on a different Confluence instance.

Learn more about the publishing method that fits best for you and your team:

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