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Publish to a New Space

In this publishing approach, you'll author in a versioned space and publish a space version to a new unversioned space.

Publishing to a new space is the recommended way of publishing within Confluence, as separate authoring and public spaces with easier permission assignment s optimal for most cases. If you are not sure which publishing method to use, try this one!

Publishing Process

When publishing, a new space is created with only the content in the selected space version. The space is completely unversioned, and Scroll Versions is not enabled

Already published space versions can be updated by selecting the public space when publishing to an existing space.

Publishing Options

When publishing to a new space, you can choose from multiple options that affect your published content:

Copy labels

When selected, labels from this version are copied and added to the pages in the new space.

Copy space categories

When selected space categories (labels) are copied to the new space.

Keep authors and datesWhen selected, original authors, creation dates, and modification dates are copied and added in the new space.
Publish only complete pages

When selected, all versioned pages with workflow status "Complete" are copied and added to the new space. However, please note, that sub-pages are not published if the parent page doesn't have the workflow status "Complete".

When Publish only complete pages is selected, Also publish complete child pages displays. When this sub-option is selected, versioned pages with status "Complete" are published even if their parent page does not have the workflow status "Complete". This means missing parent pages are skipped and the child pages are added under the closest published parent page.

Also publish complete child pages

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