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Scroll Roles

Starting with Scroll Versions 4.4.0, which introduces Confluence 8 compatibility, Scroll Roles can no longer be used with the Scroll Viewport integration exposing multiple version to readers. If Scroll roles are configured in these spaces, Scroll Viewport search results will not return versioned pages.

In the majority of cases, using Confluence permissions is a more intuitive and recommended approach to granting permissions. If you're already using Scroll Roles, please consider replacing those with Confluence permissions as outlined below.

Scroll Roles

Scroll Roles classify users into three roles, which space admins can assign from Scroll Add-ons > Administration > Scroll Roles. These are especially useful in larger teams, where responsibilities might be distributed across multiple people. Real-life responsibilities can be mapped to these roles.

Permissions in spaces managed with Scroll Versions depend on Confluence permissions set for the space and if specific users and groups are assigned to the Scroll Versions roles.

  • If Authors and Reviewers are explicitly defined in a space, Doc-Admins have to be explicitly defined as well. Otherwise, Doc-Admins won't be able to see or create versioned pages.
  • Group and user pickers in Roles configuration or Page Restrictions screens do not consider if a certain group or a user has access to the space. Please review which group and users have access on the Space Permissions screen before adding roles and restricting versions or pages

Scroll Role




Doc-Admins act as authors, reviewers and readers. They can execute health checks, create and edit versions, variants or languages. 

Note: When publishing or exporting a space for translation, Doc-Admins have access to all pages in a space.


Reviewers can browse through versions, compare page versions, access Scroll Versions-related page metadata, and review content that has been submitted for review in a workflow

If Scroll Versions is activated

Authors can create and edit pages in versions and submit drafts for review in a workflow. If reviewers are not explicitly defined, authors also act as reviewers. 

If Scroll Versions is activated
ReaderA Reader can view unversioned pages or (published) master pages. Readers aren't explicitly defined. Users with Confluence view permissions and without any Scroll Roles assignment are considered to be readers.

Workflow Permissions

Scroll Versions has a built-in workflows that track the state of each page and provides functionality for approvals.

A user can perform different transitions depending on their role:

From Draft, to ReviewFrom Review, to DraftFrom Review, to CompleteFrom Complete, to Draft

(tick) Yes

(tick) Yes(tick) Yes(tick) Yes

(error) No

(tick) Yes(tick) Yes(error) No

(tick) Yes

(error) No(error) No(tick) Yes

Replace Scroll Roles using Confluence permissions 

After changes to the Confluence search introduced in Confluence 8, we recommend to assign the required permissions in a Scroll Versions-managed space using Confluence permissions. To assign equivalent rights to users or group previously defined in Scroll Roles, please make sure to assign them the following Confluence permissions:

When using Confluence permissions, Authors also act as Reviewers.

ViewAdd PageAdmin

In case you're using Workflows and same-space publishing in a space and thus need to assign designated Reviewers who can only view and approve pages as well as Readers who can only view public content, this setup should not be affected by the recent changes and content of the public view will remain searchable in Scroll Viewport.

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