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Scroll Viewport 2.22.0

We're pleased to announce the release of Scroll Viewport 2.22.0, which is a feature and bug fix release.

This release introduces the integration with our content management app Scroll Documents.

You can now choose to create a Viewport out of a Scroll Document instead of a space. This will let you decide which versions, languages and variants of your content should display in your Viewport. Learn more on Publish Versions, Languages and Variants with Scroll Documents .

If you are currently using Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations to achieve this, we recommend to look into Scroll Documents as an alternative. We are more than happy to provide more advice via

This release also includes bug fixes for the scroll-help-center-exclude-page label, mailto links in the redirect macro, for enlarging tables in the help center theme and for formatting of the numbering of LaTeX Math equations.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

All improvements and bug fixes at a glance:

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