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Deleting a Backbone Synchronization

When you don’t need to synchronize issues anymore, you can delete a synchronization. You can perform this action in the synchronization overview. When you delete a synchronization, the following will happen:

  • The link between the synced issues is removed

    • The sync info panel on the issues synced will be removed

    • Updates between the previously synced issues will no longer be synced

  • The issues synced will not be deleted (Backbone never deletes any issues)

You can’t undo the deletion of the synchronization. If you want to save your data in case you want to sync the projects again we recommend to download the synced issues and export the configuration.

Stopping vs Deleting a Synchronization

With Backbone you also have the option to stop a synchronization. By stopping the link between the issues is still intact, and the sync info panel is still shown. Stopping will only block updates being synced. We therefore recommend stopping the synchronization if you later might need the updates to be synced again.

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