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Scroll Translations 4.5.0

May 2023

We’re pleased to announce the release of Scroll Translations 4.5.0, which is mainly focussed on improving the migration report and makes the tool itself less error-prone by hiding some unrecommended features.

Note on the Future of Scroll Versions and Translations

With the end of Confluence Server, we are shifting our development efforts away from Scroll Versions and Translations. We will continue to maintain Scroll Versions and Translations for the foreseeable future, mainly with compatibility and security fixes.

The future of versioning and documentation on Confluence lies with Scroll Documents (and its Translations and Variants extensions), and our goal is to enable all of our Scroll Versions customers to migrate. This is why migration improvements will be our focus, in addition to maintenance. We will be investing in Scroll Documents to ensure it becomes the better solution for documentation needs on Confluence. 

Improvements to the migration report

In Scroll Translations 4.5.0, we have made some improvements to the migration report – which we recommend you run in your Confluence system before migrating to Scroll Documents.

The purpose of the report is to help you understand which features of Scroll Versions or Scroll Translations are used in your spaces, and how these features are supported in Scroll Documents.

The report is now providing more information about which pages that are using Page Keys and Duplicate page titles. To learn more about the report and how to use it see the following articles:

Hide unrecommended features from UI

As part of Scroll Translations 4.5.0 we decided to hide unrecommended features in spaces where those features have not yet been used.

The reason for that is either because using those features have proven to be error-prone, or it’s not yet clear how / if the features will be available in Scroll Documents, so we want to ease any future migration efforts.

If you are using any of the features listed below, don’t worry, the features are still available and you can continue using them. They are just hidden in any new space, but you can easily re-activate them globally or per space, if you want to continue using them in new spaces.

However, to be ready for any upcoming migration to Confluence Cloud or Scroll Documents, we strongly recommend to reconsider the usage of those features.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via

For new spaces and any spaces that are not using them, the following features have been hidden from the UI:

Include Library

The option to set up an Include Library to include page content from other versioned and translated spaces will also be hidden per default in the UI.

The main reason why we’ve decided to hide this feature is that we’ve realized that it is hardly used and that we’re not yet able to support the same complexity in Scroll Documents.

In a first step, we’ll focus our development efforts in improving content reuse from within the same space, so for any new spaces we recommend setting up your include library to only reuse content from within the same space.

We might be able to enhance this functionality eventually to also allow content reuse from other versioned and translated spaces in Scroll Documents, but there’s no concrete concept for supporting this in the pipeline, as we’re currently focussing on supporting more popular and common features regarding content reuse.

Scroll Roles

Per default we’re also hiding the option to set Scroll Roles in new spaces.

As Scroll Roles had implications on performance and lead to lots of confusions for many users, we already had communicated that we no longer recommend using this feature. Additionally the Scroll Roles are not migrated and conflict with Scroll Search (if you’re using Scroll Viewport).

Instead of setting up Scroll Roles, we recommend using standard Confluence permissions and restrictions.

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