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Restrict the Number of Pages that Can be Exported in a Single Export

As a System Administrator or Confluence Administrator, you can limit the number of pages that can be exported by Scroll Word Exporter. This might be required to guarantee system stability due to large exports consuming a lot of memory and potentially affecting the performance of Confluence.

To do this, simply navigate to Confluence administration > Scroll Runtime > Advanced Plugin Settings > select Scroll Word Exporter from the dropdown.

You can then edit the advanced plugin and define the export page limit. The following notification will be displayed when the page limit is exceeded:

Advanced plugin setting

The value defined for the advanced plugin will be applied globally, to all spaces:

KeyValueDescription (default)

If the value is set to -1, no page limit is applied. This means an unlimited number of pages can be exported in a single export.

(empty)If no value is set, no page limit is applied. Any defined value that is not a whole number will behave the same as -1.
WHOLE NUMBERIf a whole number is set, this value will define how many pages can be exported in a single export. Exports exceeding this value will be prevented and an error message will be displayed.

If you have also restricted the export functionality, the defined page limit will be applied to the whitelisted spaces and/or user groups.

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