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Change the Table Format

Using Confluence Cloud?

You must install the Scroll Exporter Extensions app to use the macro required to follow this guide.

You can use the Scroll Table layout macro to specify how the table following this macro will be formatted when exported with the Scroll Exporters. 

Preferences selected in this macro will not affect how the table is displayed in Confluence. To apply formatting changes to a specific table you have to insert the macro directly before the table.

You can change the following table properties:

Scroll Exporter optionsColumn Widths

Enter widths for the table columns to adopt in the export - percentages, relative values or number of pixels can be used to define the column widths. These values only affect the table output in the export and not on the Confluence page.

  • Using % values → percentage values for a table need to add up to 100%. Therefore, if you have a 4-column table you could set 25%,25%,25%,25%. The resulting table in the export would then have 4-equal column widths
  • Using pixel values → pixel values can be defined based on the width of the available page content. For example, defining 200,200,400,400 would result in a table with the first two column widths half the size of the last two columns
  • Using relative values → relative values only support whole integers and must be followed by an asterisk *. For example, if you have a 4-column table you could set 2*,1*,1*,1*. The resulting table in the export would have a first column which is double the width of the 3 remaining equal width columns. Please note, if you don't use whole integers the fractional part will not be preserved. This means if you define 1.5*, 2*, the relative values used would be 1*, 2*
StyleAssign a style to your table – the Style field is currently only compatible with our Scroll Word Exporter app.
Table sortingDefine whether to enable the sorting of table rows. If disabled, a table will be exported as shown on the Confluence page.
Sort by columnWhen table sorting is Enabled, choose which column is used to sort the table rows.
Sort directionWhen table sorting is Enabled, define whether table rows are displayed in ascending or descending order.
Cell highlightingDecide if cell highlighting set in Confluence should be displayed in exports.
Exporter specific optionsPage orientation

Select either a Portrait or Landscape orientation for the page including the table in the export. Selecting a different page orientation from that defined in the template setting will cause a page break before and after the table. The page orientation is reset to what is defined in the template after the table.

Repeat table header on page break (PDF only)Choose whether table headers are repeated when a table breaks onto a new page. This setting will overwrite the preference which is already set in the template.
Table styling (Word only)Define whether heading cells for the associated table are exported using the style set on the Confluence page or the style set in the Word template. Please see the Table styling option section to read more about this export behaviour.

Scroll Word Exporter specific information

Please note, in order for the Scroll Table Layout macro settings to be applied in the generated Word export users must select the Fixed Width table option in the export options

Compatibility with other macros

Some macros available within Confluence also output content in table format which can be modified by the Scroll Table Layout macro. The following list of macros are compatible:

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