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Generate a List of Index Terms

Using Confluence Cloud?

You must install the Scroll Exporter Extensions app to use the macro required to follow this guide.

You can use the Scroll Indexterm macro to generate index terms, which you can then use to add a index to your exports.

You can also generate index terms using page labels – this guide will cover both methods.

Generate index terms using the Scroll Indexterm macro

Firstly, insert the Scroll Indexterm macro in front of a term you want to index.

Edit the macro, and enter the primary index term in the Primary field, and (if wanted) add a secondary and tertiary index terms in the Secondary and Tertiary fields.

Repeat the process for all terms you want to index.

Generate index terms using page labels

Firstly, navigate to the page you want to insert a index term for, and add a label.

In the label, add your desired index term, and click Add. By default, a label is converted into a primary index term. To generate a secondary or tertiary index term, insert a forward slash character between the index terms.


The label fruits/apple/haralson will be converted into a primary index term 'Fruits', a secondary index term 'Apple', and a tertiary index term 'Haralson'.

Add an index to your templates

Now you have indexed your terms, you can add an index to your export template.

Scroll PDF Exporter for Cloud

See the guide to adding an index.

Scroll Word Exporter for Cloud

Adding an index to cloud exports works the same way as in Scroll Word Exporter for Server – please refer to the documentation.

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