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6 benefits of Scroll PDF Exporter

Confluence comes with an inbuilt PDF exporter which allows you to export your content directly to PDF format – so why use Scroll PDF Exporter?

Only export the pages you want to

Scroll PDF Exporter gives you complete control over the scope of your export – this means, in addition to being able to export a single page or a whole space, you can also choose to export a page and its descendants. 

You can choose the exact pages that you want to export by including or excluding pages based on their page labels – a useful option if you find yourself having to administer substantial documents, spanning multiple pages.

Full styling control – no coding required

Non-technical team members can use Scroll PDF Exporter to easily control the style of headers, footers, tables, fonts, colors, and much more, without the need of CSS coding knowledge. 

The WYSIWYG template editor's live Preview window will immediately reflect any choices that you have defined in your template, so that you can be sure your Confluence content is exported the way you want.

Quickly export for different audiences

Scroll PDF Exporter allows you to create multiple templates. This means that you can easily switch between templates to export the same content but styled for different audiences, such as using a template for internal company use, a template for distributing the information to your customers, and a template that is suited to your external partners.

Get exporting straight away

Even if you are not wanting to customize your own templates, Scroll PDF Exporter comes ready with three different templates so that you can export your content immediately after installing the app.

Control who can export

Apply your templates globally throughout Confluence, or alternatively keep them on a space level to decide who can use what templates and where.

Compatible with third-party apps

Perhaps you already use one of the other Scroll products, like Scroll Documents, Scroll Versions or Scroll Translations, or maybe you use Comala Document Management so that you can review your work before publishing.  Unlike the inbuilt PDF exporter, Scroll PDF Exporter is integrated with these apps. Therefore, exports will be in the correct language and version as defined through Scroll Translations and Scroll Versions, and you can choose to export only the last published versions of your pages with Comala Document Management for Scroll PDF Exporter.

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