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Does Scroll PDF Exporter support data residency?

Yes - Scroll PDF Exporter for Confluence Cloud supports data residency.

Data residency FAQs

Please see below for further information and FAQs.

What is data residency?

Data residency gives you control over where your in-scope data is hosted. In some industries data residency is a necessity for operating in a cloud environment, as it allows you to choose a defined geographic location, such as Europe or the US. Please see Atlassian’s own documentation to learn more.

What data residency regions does Scroll PDF Exporter support?

Currently, Scroll PDF Exporter supports data residency in the US, EU and DE (Germany).

  • EU: In-scope data is hosted within the Frankfurt AWS region

  • US: In-scope data is hosted within the US West AWS region

  • DE: In-scope data is hosted within the Frankfurt AWS region

However, Atlassian also offers additional regions for data residency and plans to introduce more. If you’re interested in having your app data stored in a different region please let us know via

What app data is stored in these regions?

Please see our K15t Data Security Statement for an overview of the in-scope data that is stored in a defined region. This includes Account Data, Session Data, Support Data, Customer Uploaded Data, Operation Data and more.

What happens when I install Scroll PDF Exporter on Confluence Cloud?

When you install the app it will be tied to the Confluence region that is defined (if supported by Scroll PDF Exporter).

Can I move the app data if Confluence is pinned to a region that isn't supported by Scroll PDF Exporter?

If the Confluence data residency region defined is not supported by Scroll PDF Exporter it will not be possible to move the app data.

Where is my app data stored if my Confluence is pinned to a region not supported by Scroll PDF Exporter?

The answer is dependent on what region your Confluence instance is running. For instance, if the Confluence instance is data residency pinned to a specific region that we don’t support, it will always default to the “global” region, which is the US for Scroll PDF Exporter.

However, Confluence also has the concept of running an instance in a specific region without being data residency pinned to it (you can’t choose this region). If this is the case for your instance, when you install the app, Confluence will choose the closest supported region ie. EU, US or DE

For more technical insights into these scenarios please see Atlassian’s own developer documentation:

What happens to the app region if I change the region of Confluence?

If you change the region for your Confluence instance the app data will remain in the region that the Confluence instance was initially used. You have to initiate the app data migration in order for it to be moved between regions.

How can I move app data?
  1. Firstly, ensure that Confluence is defined in the required region - you would need to follow Atlassian’s documented steps and request a data residency move.

  2. Then, proceed to move the app data to your defined region - you can learn more here.

  3. After this, the data should be migrated. Please note, only Marketplace apps that support the defined data residency region can then be migrated together - it is not possible to pick and choose which apps are moved.

Which K15t apps support data residency?

Currently, the following K15t cloud apps support data residency:

  • Scroll PDF Exporter

  • Scroll Word Exporter

  • Scroll HTML Exporter

  • Scroll Exporter Extensions

  • Backbone Issue Sync for Jira (learn more)

If you use other K15t apps that don’t currently support data residency but you would like them to, please let us know via

What domains does Scroll PDF Exporter use in the supported data residency regions?

For an overview of the domains used by Scroll PDF Exporter (and our other apps that support data residency) please view our documentation here. If your organization limits network access to a set of allowed domains, for example via firewall or DNS settings, you may need to adapt these settings.

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