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Define Different Page Numbering

You can choose to set different page numbering styles in your PDF export by selecting the option Restart page numbering option on the chosen page in the Document Sections. This option can be found in the Page Settings for the specific section:

When enabled, it means the page numbering will be reset from the chosen page. You can then add the related page numbering placeholders to define the number format that appears in the PDF export (e.g. roman numerals, numerical, or alphabetical). 

Please note, due to technical limitations, restarting the page numbering does not affect the Document page count placeholder. This means the Document page count placeholder will always output the total number of pages in the document.

For instance, for a PDF export that contains 10 pages, if the page numbering was restarted on the second page in the template, the output for the numbering on the last page of the document would be as follows:

  • Current page number placeholder output: 9
  • Document page count placeholder output: 10

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