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Restrict Scroll Translations Activation by Space

Confluence Administrators can restrict which spaces Scroll Translations can be activated in at General configuration > Scroll Runtime > Advanced Plugin Settings > Scroll Platform (or Scroll Translations). Edit and insert the space keys for each space where Scroll Translations should be able to be activated, separated by commas.

No changes will be made to spaces where Scroll Translations is already enabled, but a warning will be displayed in the space admin section. Modules that were already enabled will still be active, and it will still be possible to add further languages, etc.

Restrictions don't apply to Confluence Administrators

Only Confluence Administrators can configure these restrictions, and the restrictions don't apply to them. They will always be able to activate and deactivate Scroll Translations modules in any space. A warning will still be displayed when a Confluence admin enters the space admin section in a space where use of Scroll Translations isn't permitted.

Now, Scroll Translations cannot be activated in spaces that aren't in the list. If a space admin views the Scroll Add-ons tab in a space that isn't in the list, no Scroll Translations screens will be displayed. These restrictions also apply to REST calls. If a space isn't on the restriction list, space admins will only be able to disable modules using the REST resource, not enable them.

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