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Here you'll find explanations of the core concepts and terminology of Scroll Translations:

Default language

A page's original language. When Scroll Translations is installed, pages can only be edited and created in the default language.
Doc-AdminA user who administers the space's content.
Not translated statusIf a page has not been translated yet, the translation status will appear as "Not translated."

Outdated status

If a page in the default language is changed, the language status of this page will be marked as "Outdated" in all languages, as the default language includes new content.

Translated statusThe status "Translated" means the page has been translated in the selected language.


A user who has the rights to translate Confluence pages.
Translation formatThe format of the translation ZIP. Select between XLIFF and Confluence Storage Format.
Translation Management System (TMS)An external translation system you can use to translate the default language in the exported translation ZIP.

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