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Advanced Plugin Settings

The advanced plugin settings allow project admins to tweak the behavior of Scroll Translations. This article describes what settings are available, and how to change them.

Read the documentation thoroughly before applying these changes

Generally it is not advisable to change the standard settings – and you should only change them with a thorough understanding of what they do.

Please read the documentation carefully before applying any changes in production.

Change advanced settings

Some advanced plugin settings can be defined on the space level, some can be activated on the global level, and some can be activated on both. Refer to the Available settings table below to see the scope of the individual advanced settings.

  • Confluence Administrators can configure settings on the global level at General Configuration > Scroll Runtime > Advanced Plugin Settings >  Scroll Platform.

  • Confluence Administrators and Space Administrators can configure settings on a space level at Space tools > Scroll Add-ons, and then pressing the ALT/Option key to make a menu entry for Advanced Plugin Settings appear.

Please note that the global settings always overrule the space settings.

Available settings



Used to define a list of spaces where Scroll Translations can be activated. For a full explanation on how to use this property, please see the guide to restricting Scroll Translations activation by space.


Used to add new language locales to be used in Scroll Translations.


Used to specify which macro parameters and bodies should be translated in XLIFF exports.

Used to control if (Excerpt) Include+ macros are highlighted in page view. Can be defined on global level and on space level with space level setting taking precedence. Additionally, any highlighting can be disabled using user-specific Scroll Settings.


A comma-separated list of macro names which should not be overridden. These are the macros that get overridden by Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations and are thus eligible to be skipped. Please reference them by their internal name

  • Children display: children

  • Content by Label: contentbylabel 

  • Page properties report: detailssummary


Since Scroll Translations 4.5.0 the Include Library feature is hidden per default in any space that is not using the feature.

If you want to continue using this feature in new spaces, set it to 'true'.


Since Scroll Translations 4.5.0 the Scroll Roles feature is hidden per default in any space that is not using the feature.

If you want to continue using this feature in new spaces, set it to 'true'.

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