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Scroll Versions classifies users into one of three permission layers, which result from Confluence space permissions assigned under Space tools > Permissions. Depending on a user's permissions, a space managed by Scroll Versions might display different page content and interface.

Permission Layers


Readers are users with only View permissions in a space and can be registered or anonymous. They are considered to be the audience for the content authored in a Scroll Versions space and thus only have access to the public content in a space. 

The Scroll Versions Public View and versions made available in Scroll Viewport are considered to be public content.


Authors are users with Add page permissions. They have access to non-public versions, can create and edit pages and have access to the author interface.


Admins are users with space or Confluence admin permissions and can perform any operation in a space managed by Scroll Versions. They have access to Space tools > Scroll Add-ons and can create, publish, or delete versions and variants.

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