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Collaborative Editing and Drafts


When collaborative editing is activated, when I have finished editing a page, I can either publish changes I have made, or save them as a draft. Is there a particular way of using these functions that works best when working with Scroll Versions?


The solution

If you publish with Scroll Versions to deliver your content, then you can use the editor's publishing function to save your changes, and they still will not be publicly visible until you have published with Scroll Versions.

Therefore, we recommend to save all changes using the editor's publish function, and not to use the keep draft feature at all. This way, you can avoid a large build up of drafts of pages in different versions, while still keeping your working changes private.

Background information

When using collaborative editing, if you save your changes as a draft, the draft version indefinitely lives on in your 'drafts page' ready for you to resume editing at a later date. This means that drafts and published versions of pages can coexist for a long time – each with different content.

When you combine the draft mechanism with the different versions of a page Scroll Versions manages, it can become very difficult to keep track of the many differing versions and drafts that can rapidly accumulate.

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