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Migrate to Confluence Cloud

Scroll Viewport is available on Confluence Cloud and Data Center, but its feature set varies considerably between the platforms. Please read about these feature differences to determine whether Cloud migration is possible for you.

Generally speaking, anonymously accessible Viewports using the Help Center theme can be migrated to Confluence Cloud.

On Confluence Server and Data Center, the Viewport is an alternative, themed view of a Confluence space which is generated when the user accesses the page and is served by the Confluence server. Through this proximity to Confluence, Scroll Viewport for Server and Data Center:

  • Always resembles the current state of content on a page.
  • Respects the full depth of Confluence permissions and restrictions.
  • Fully supports custom themes.

Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud works differently, as it generates a themed static website from the content of your Confluence Cloud pages which is hosted by K15t. Based on this core difference, Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud:

  • Resembles the content from last generation of the Viewport site.
  • Does not support Confluence permissions or restrictions. All content is public, but we're working on authentication for Viewport sites.
  • Only supports the Help Center theme.
  • Only supports one theme configuration per Viewport site (on server Viewport Collection).

Watch the Webinar: Our first milestone in offering a Cloud solution for managing and publishing versioned documentation is available now: an integration between Scroll Documents and Scroll Viewport for Confluence CloudWatch the webinar to see this solution in action.

A more detailed feature comparison as well as a manual migration path is available on the following pages:

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