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Once Scroll Versions is active in your space, you will see some additional user interface (UI) elements within Confluence. Depending on the active modules, the displayed elements might differ or might be grayed out. This page introduces these UI elements.

New UI Elements When Viewing a Page

Scroll Versions UI in Confluence page view
  1. Version Picker

  2. Variant Picker

  3. Page Byline

  4. Versions Menu

  5. Versions Dropdown

  6. Copy Link Button

Version Picker

You can use the Versions Picker to select the space version you want to work in. This working version is then displayed throughout the space. Pages that are part of the selected version display normally in the page tree, while pages that are not part of the selected version display greyed out. The Version Picker also contains a shortcut to the Versions screen in Space Tools. 

The Versions Picker only displays in Author view.

Variant Picker

You can use the Variant Picker to change the currently selected space variant. It only appears if variants are defined in your space. Pages not available in the selected variant appear as greyed out in the page tree. The Variant Picker contains a shortcut to the Variants screen in Space Tools. 

Page Byline 

In the Page Byline, you can find information about the current page, you can view its:

The Page Byline only displays in the Author view.

Versions Menu 

In the Versions Menu, you can use Scroll Versions features on the current page: 

Versions Dropdown 

In the Versions Dropdown, you can use Scroll Versions features within the current space: 

With the Copy Link Button you can create a share-link to the page in the currently selected version and variant

New UI Elements in the Editor 

Scroll Versions UI in the Confluence page editor
  1. Working Version Indicator

Working Version Indicator

The Working Version Indicator displays the space version in which you are currently editing the page.

New pages are created as versioned in the currently selected version by default. To create an unversioned page, you can click the Working Version Indicator and select Convert to Unversioned Page.

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