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Define Template Settings

The template editor's Template Settings tab contains several customization options to setup the desired format for the export template.

An overview of these options is provided below:


Template Name

  • Define a name for the template. The template's name can be changed in the template header where the Save and Close buttons are located
Export Default Settings
  • Add matching page labels to have the template preselected in the export dialog (learn more)
    • Only this page - this will export a single Confluence page
Page Size & Orientation
  • Define a page size (eg. A4, A3, Letter) for your template or select Custom to define your own page size
  • Define a page orientation for your template - Portrait or Landscape
  • Sets the language for the text used in placeholder content. For example, the Export date placeholder, when defined to print the month name in full text, will use this set language for the translation. 
Fallback font
  • Select a fallback font that will be used on occasions when symbols are not supported by the font set for a particular template style.

Next steps

Once you have defined the Template Settings, you can continue to define how certain types of content is handled in the export by configuring the Export Properties.

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