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Use Metadata Values as Custom Placeholders

Using the Comalatech Metadata Plugin, you can define your own metadata, and then display it in exports using Scroll PDF Exporter's Metadata placeholder.

Create metadata

To start, you need to create the metadata value to be displayed using placeholders.

  1. Navigate to your export's root page (because metadata is always taken from the export root page).
  2. Insert a Metadata (Metadata Plugin) macro into the page.
  3. In the Value name field enter the metadata key (i.e. the name). Click Save and then in the macro body, enter the metadata value.

Use the metadata value as a placeholder

Now you can use the value that you defined in the macro body as a placeholder in your export.

  1. Open your template and insert a Metadata placeholder.
  2. In the Metadata Key field, add the key you entered into the Value name field of the Metadata (Metadata Plugin) macro. 

The value of the page property is now displayed where you inserted the Metadata placeholder in the template.

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