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Guide to choosing the right Scroll apps

Scroll is a collection of native Confluence apps which approach gives you the flexibility to install only what you need. In this article we will help you to pick the right combination of apps.

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Features/ Capabilities

Core App

Extension App(s)

Content Management

  • Versioning,

  • Translation,

  • Conditional Content & Variants

  • Check content quality

  • Enforce style standards

Content Publishing

  • Online Help Center

  • Public Knowledge Base

  • Documentation Portal

Content Exporting

  • Export to PDF

  • Export to Word

  • Export to HTML


  • Draw square, circular, and abstract polygonal link regions directly on your images

  • Place multiple links to Confluence pages, or external content, on a single image

  • Add popup mouseover tooltips to explain content of your images

** With Scroll Documents for Confluence you can create 2 variants, and 2 translations only. If you need more variants and translations, you should also install Variants for Scroll Documents and Translations for Scroll Documents respectively.

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