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Customize the look and feel of your Help Center site

Work through the steps below to customize the look and feel of your Help Center created with Scroll. In this three-part tutorial you will learn the basics of the theme editor, update the site’s header, upload your own logo, and change the site’s layout.

Before you begin

Make sure you have completed the following tutorials, in order, before working through this page -

Tip: In this tutorial you will learn how to update the Help Center site’s logo. While it is optional, we recommended that you have your logo ready at hand before proceeding. You can learn about recommended image size and formats here.

Open the theme editor


From the Confluence menu, click Apps → Scroll Viewport.


Click Edit theme


Now, you are in the Theme editor.

To start customizing the look and feel of the theme, click Templates.


The theme editor has two primary sections -

  • The settings fields on the left, and

  • The site preview on the right.

ℹ️ Info: The site preview on the right will refresh automatically every time you change any of the settings on the left.

Customize the site header


To start customizing the site header, click to expand the Header panel.

  • Click Select image.

  • This will open up the Asset Library.

  • Drag and drop your logo or add it from your file system.

  • Once the image is uploaded, click Select image.


Update the background and text color

  • Use the color picker by clicking the little square, or

  • Simply paste the hex code of the color you want.

  • For this example, we will go with #FFFFFF and #0D284F respectively.

  • Click Add new link

  • Then, add a Link text and the corresponding Link URL

  • For this example, we will go with two links - Support and Contact us

Optionally, uncheck Site name to hide it from the header.

Customize the site layout


To start customizing the site layout, click to expand the Content Source panel.


Update the layout type

  • From the Layout type drop down select Detail layout

  • Optionally, add a Banner image the same way you had added the site logo.


Add a Release Notes section

  • In the News section, select the Display check box, and

  • Replace the text “News” with “Release Notes” in the text box.

ℹ️ Info: Once the preview reloads you will notice that the release notes section is empty. We will add the release notes in the next tutorial.


Change the style of the article list

In this step, we will change how the top-level articles are displayed on the landing page of the help center site.

  • From the Topic type section, select List

Save and publish changes


Hit the Save button to persist all the changes you made in the previous step.

Then, close the Theme Editor by clicking 'X' on the top-left corner of the page.


In the next screen, click Update site to apply all the changes to the site.


Once the site is updated click Go live.

Once you get the confirmation that Your site is up to date, click View site.


Congratulations! 🎉

You have successfully updated the look and feel of your help center site.

Next steps

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